Yoga Class descriptions

Join Jebbie for “All Levels” Yoga sesh


What is restorative yoga you ask???

Restorative yoga is the act of love, loving yourself to relax and let go. The more you relax into your breathe, the more your body naturally opens, while being supported with blankets bolsters and blocks.

When you are in this relaxed state, your body is able to go back to doing its thing helping any areas that are in need of this love.

~Yoga Nidra Restorative Meditation~

Yoga nidra is a fantastic way to recharge yourself for the rest of your day!

Melt away mid day with this guided meditation that connects your breath to every part of your being.

~It is said after a Yoga Nidra Meditation you feel as if you’ve slept for 8 hours~

Supported by our props. Minimal movement,

Let the pose hold you.

(We never stand up)

~Restorative Stretch~

Using props and some gentle stretching/movement allowing you to melt deeper into these delicious restorative poses.

(We never stand up)

~Yoga gentle flow

Breathe, stretch, move, connect back to you and feel awesome!

ALL LEVELS CLASS/ modifiers offered 🙂

Go with the flow do what you can!