About Me


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 with extensive training in Restorative yoga. I am attuned to Reiki Master and have completed the 4 Directions in Shaman Energy and am a Full Mesa carrier.

I am very dedicated to deepening my practice and look forward to seeing where this path in life will take me. Always a student.

My Story

Born in Montreal, Canada, i moved down to escape the cold in the early 90’s and traded in snow boots for flip flops ever since.

Years ago, I was in a car accident leaving me with chronic neck & back pain along with PTSD. After years of becoming a full time patient with only more doctors insight i became all to familiar in my many branches of pain. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, energetically was always there being a part of my life.

No matter the injections or pills or any numbing agent – the pain stayed.

Now, I’ve tried Yoga before but I was never mindful of my injuries towards it.
Mentally I  would feel somewhat better but physically i would be hurting even more

Years past and dabbled here and there in yoga but still pain. I ended up moving to this condo where a yoga studio was across the street that had THERAPEUTIC YOGA, Mindful gentle yoga for people with injuries and limitations, sounded perfect for me.

It literally took me  A YEAR AND A HALF to get myself to walk through those doors across the street. I hit rock bottom in my world at this point and there was nowhere to turn but to myself. You make a choice when you’ve hit the bottom to start again. I told myself I was too young to be in so much pain and refuse to accept that this is how life will be for me.

When I finally pushed myself and oh man was it a struggle to get to that Yoga studio across the street, the wonderful class of Therapeutic yoga taught by Kaleena Bajo at Kate Yoga changed my life.

The first words Kaleena said were “YOGA IS AN INVITATION, NOT AN OBLIGATION” you are here because you are invited not because you MUST or have to but its because you want to, because you chose to.Those words flowed through the air as I unrolled my mat. IMMEDIATELY, my shoulders lowered just a tad from my ears, the pain in my head, the pain in my body was replaced (for a second but my goodness what a first second that was!) with this flush of love and joy but from SELF, from me.

I made it , i showed up for myself. That day I knew this was it. That day was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Since then, i have made it a life goal to bring my light and heart to those people in pain and reconnect them to their inner light, their hearts, and their souls. Invitation – To share with people a feeling of understanding, love, light, connecting you back to the being you deserve to have in your life because you have chose to. Because you chose YOU.


~let my light open the door to your heart~