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Peace Heal Grow

~ a restorative sanctuary ~

Founded by Jebbie, PHG is an exhale for the soul. Gift yourself this connection to of love and light.

Time to nurture! Time to let go of what was! and Time to merged your world into this colorful space with Restorative Yoga, Gentle flows, Kundalini, and more!

Because you Deserve This. Peace Heal Grow

Let our light open the door to your heart

**NEW** Coming This August - Aerial Yoga Classes !!

We are excited to offer Aerial Yoga classes - a mixture of traditional hatha yoga postures, and aerial yoga postures. Focusing on mobility and decompression of the spine, Aerial Yoga is an ideal choice for anyone suffering from chronic back pain or spinal injuries. The class will be informative and slow paced, covering all the basics and benefits inversions and aerial yoga.

Full Moon Summer Detox

➵ This Full Moon, detoxify the body with a powerful, relaxing & delicious yoga class.  Learn about food, crystals and herbs that will help you detox this summer. Enjoy a delicious fresh pressed juice after class. Receive everything that you need to be aligned this summer. . . ➵ D͚A͚T͚E͚ & T͚I͚M͚E͚: . . ❂ ...

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Reiki Movement Mediation

Reiki Movement Meditation is one of the most playful methods of inner focus–you will be moving–to get into a state that is thoughtless yet blissful, alone yet connected to everything around you.

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Restorative Yoga LIVE MUSIC

Restorative Yoga with Jebbie and Live music by Misty Grotto   Join Jebbie for a magical journey as she guides you through a 75 minute Restorative yoga sesh while the wonderful Misty Grotto serenades our souls with his amazing Sitar, Harp and mooooore!! $20 to melt wear comfy pants :)     About Misty Grotto, our ...

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