Conscious Connections for Singles!

My thumb hurts from all the swiping left. How bout yours?
Tired of online dating and texted only relationships?
We are too!!!
That’s who we are looking for, people who are tired of all of that.

Ready to connect with likeminded people? We’ve got a place annnnnd an event where you know everyone is single!!!

Is this weird for you? That’s ok! We totally break the ice for you.
Samantha Marcum and Jebbie have written out a whole bunch of ice breaking question for you to choose from that will get the ball a rollin

A balanced mix of men and women, each getting to know one another for 7minutes, and then at the sound of a gong we switch!

That’s not 7 minutes in heaven… or hey maybe it will be 🤪🤣😉😘😇

You might make a friend, you will for sure have a laugh and get out of your house and your poor thumbs a break.

YOU MUST RSPV to keep it even!!
YOU MUST BE SINGLE!!! No creeepin!!!

If you have a friend and we are full… find an opposite sex friend and then we are balanced!

$10 to plaaaay!

We will have more fun events in the future so no worries if can’t make this one!!!
Also! We will have a group you can join for people to see who is single and ready to mingle.