Mary Beth

Welcome beautiful souls! My name is Mary Beth, I have a great love for nature, gardening and healthy eating. Born and raised in central Ohio I moved to South Florida five years ago. This is where my awakened journey of self-healing began. We all have a story, and I would guess mine isn’t much different from anyone else’s, except…18 years of doctors, diagnosis, prescriptions, surgeries, self-medication and chronic pain and nothing seemed to be helping or alleviating any of the pain. I knew this was not the life for me and I was way too young to accept this as my truths! I knew I was here on this Earth for something much BIGGER and BETTER.

Where to start? What to do first to make a necessary change in order for BIGGER and BETTER to arrive! Right then is when I dropped to my knees and I began to speak, and I spoke out loud, I started by telling myself I Am BETTER! The more I spoke…the more I spoke! I immediately began to feel different…BETTER!! With this opened my mind to the realization of the importance of our words. After my conversation with myself, I sat quietly and I listened for answers. With this realization came the next step…What words Am I feeding myself? I knew the words coming from others did not always leave me feeling good, I cannot control this! But I can control my words. So I began making a practice of talking to myself! I Am Beautiful! (YOU are too), I Am Bountiful! (YOU are too), I Am Blissful! (YOU are too) I Am Joyous! (YOU are too), I Am Victorious! (YOU are too) I Am Love! (YOU are too), I AM ONE WITH ALL!! (YOU are too). Then came the GRATITUDE…I became GRATEFUL for my words! I found gratitude in the quiet! I found gratitude for feeling BETTER! Now this is working well for me and something seems to IGNITE inside of ME! Meanwhile with the care of a doctor I began to wean myself off of the medications, slowly, one- by-one, until there were none. Then recovery from one more surgery, released for physical activity and sent to a psychiatrist for post-traumatic stress disorder due to the botched colonoscopy and emergency surgery, she wants to give me a prescription.

I see this as a step backwards and am not prepared. Leaving the doctor’s office I found myself face-to-face with the word YOGA on a building and without any hesitation I walked across the street and into the building. With some self-taught knowledge of the health benefits of YOGA, I figure it can’t hurt to check it out and so my practice is now opened up for a deeper HEALING of my body, physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically! The teacher’s name is Diane – an angel walking amongst us. I started that day, as if they were waiting on me!! I never missed one of her classed. She taught Kundalini style which involves an extensive amount of BREATH work! Thank you Diane for teaching me how to breathe!!!

Game changer!!!! I found her teachings and the practice to be profoundly beautiful. In the beginning the pain persisted, but I knew I had tried the other way for relieve and stayed in pain for 18 years. So if I could get through one more class, one more day, one more breathe! Now, again I find myself in GRATITUDE for the pain, as I begin to feel some sort of shift with the pain! I speak out loud with GRATITUDE for the tolerance I have been given for pain! As time progresses, my practice became a daily ritual for my own therapy. I knew this would be a new way of living for me! And the game continues to change… for the BETTER! Then one day as I was practicing my daily meditation with the Archangels, I literally felt someone tap me on the shoulder and in a very clear and commanding voice spoke to me and told me I Am here to raise the energetic vibrations of the Earth in order for healing to take place! The healing started with me!! This voice was very clear…I AM here to spread LOVE and LIGHT for the BETTERment of the whole! Now I feel as though I AM healed/healing and the TRUTH of who I AM and my TRUE purpose has been revealed to me!!!!! I asked for healing,

I received healing and now I must teach/share. We all have the healer in us; allow me to hold space for you, while the healer in you is revealed! I Am a Yoga Alliance registered 200 Yoga Teacher, training under Harriet Russel , Columbia Station, Ohio, 120 hour certification in The I Am Yoga Therapy, training under Marie Bailey and Kamini Desai  at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Silver Springs, FL, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master Teacher Attunements with Samantha Marcum, Fort Lauderdale, FL. I AM blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful, loving souls as teachers and mentors! Next training in the planning…Kundalini Yoga! Because this is truly where it started for me! Always, a Work In PROGRESS! Jai Bhagwan, I bow to the VICTORY in YOU and I bow to the VICTORY in ME! Namaste, I bow to the LIGHT in YOU, and I bow to the LIGHT in ME! ~PEACE LOVE and LIGHT~